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Today is 26. October 2021, Tuesday
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Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic

VENDELÍN LEITNER, State Secretary of Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic

Ing. Vendelín Leitner (JPG, 1 MB)

 Ing. Vendelín Leitner

Date of Birth: 18. May 1963
Place of Birth: Brezno
Marital Status: married


1990-1993: Postgraduate Studies at Military Academy in Brno and in Prague
1981-1985: Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš 
Automated Management
1977-1981  Gymnázium Sama Chalupku in Brezno

Work Experience:

2008-2020: Allianz-Slovenská poisťovňa a.s. 
Head of External Corporation Department
                  Regional Directorof Insurance Claims Liquidation for Non-life Insurance for the Region of Bratislava   
1981-2007: Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic
2000-2006: General Manager of Military Intelligence Service, Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic
1995-1998: Defense Attaché, Slovak Embassy in Washington, USA


English, Russian