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Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic

Department of Control and Inspection Service

 If you feel the police mishandled you, or the police officers used an excessive physical violence against you, or should you have the information about an unlawful conduct of police officers - the right to lodge a complain or spur is on your side.

Spurs and complaints against the members of Police Force are registered and handled by the Department of Control and Inspection Service   of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.
DCIS is a separate unit of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic completely subordinated to the Minister of Interior of the Slovak Republic. This department is independent from the management and structures of the police and investigates the unlawful activities of the Police Force members.

Would you like to lodge a complaint or do you have the information on lawless performance of the Police Force? You have the option to do so in several ways:

  • in a written form to the address: Sekcia kontroly a inšpekčnej služby MV SR, Pribinova 2, 812 72 Bratislava, e-mail
  • by calling the phone numbers 158 (eventually 112);
  • personally in the police department where the police officer is assigned to or at whichever unit of the Police Force;
  • by means of an electronic form.

Read this information before filling out the form, please: 

Information about your identity and your contact details might be very valuable for us in case we need to specify the information sent to us by the form. However, should you have doubts about laying threats upon yourselves by submitting serious information about criminal activity of a police officer, you are not obliged to mention the contact details.

In case of notification of a criminal act, the provision of § 62 article 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Act No. 301/2005 Coll.) is important: “Petition is always judged by the content, even if it is mislabeled. It can be done in writing, orally into the minutes, by means of a telegraph, facsimile, electronic means signed with a qualified electronic signature under a special Act or without an advanced electronic signature. Petition made by the telegraph, facsimile, electronic means without a qualified signature has to be confirmed in writing or orally into the minutes within three working days; otherwise the petition is not being acted upon”.
Anonymous submissions including information on criminal activity lodged by means of the form are important for us and the Department of Control and Inspection Service will consequently investigate and utilize them in its service performance.



Department of Control and Inspection Service