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MI SR and European Union
Notice [Uputavka]

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic is a central body of state administration for

  • protecting the constitutional system,
  • public order,
  • security of persons and property,
  • protection and administration of the state’s borders,
  • the safety and fluency of road traffic,
  • for issues related weapons and ammunition,
  • private security services,
  • the entry to the territory of the Slovak Republic and the stay of foreigners in its territory,
  • identity cards,
  • travel documents and driving licences,
  • refugees and transmigrants,
  • for the registration of population,
  • for the Police Force and the Fire Fighting and Rescuing Corps.

Furthermore it is the authority in charge of the internal administration including the territorial and administrative structuring of the Slovak Republic, for state symbols, the heraldic registry, citizenship, archives and registries, birth, marriage and death registries, the organisational assurance of elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the organisational assurance of presidential elections, the organisational assurance of elections to self–government elections (local elections), the organisational assurance of referendums, war graves and small entrepreneurship




Minister of Interior