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Significant foreign investor

A significant foreign investor is a legal person having a registered office in the territory of the Slovak Republic and a certificate of significant investment issued by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

The conditions for recognizing the status of a significant foreign investor are governed by Act No. 175/1999 Coll. on certain provisions relating to the preparation of significant investments and on amendments to certain acts as amended.

A third-country national who is representing or working for a significant foreign investor can apply for temporary or permanent residence:

Temporary residence

       The possibility to pursue professional activities in the territory of the Slovak Republic for a period of 90 days of the date of entry to the territory of the Slovak Republic without granted temporary residence for the purpose of employment (obligation to comply with conditions of stay pursuant to Article 6 of the Schengen Borders Code and meeting of the obligation to report residence – § 111(2)(a) of the Act on Residence of Foreigners );

       In the case of proceedings for granting of temporary residence for the purpose of business (acting for a significant foreign investor) a third-country national shall not attach financial security to business activity;

       Some documents submitted with the application for temporary residence may be older than 90 days (provision of accommodation, certificate of trade license, document proving authorisation to conduct business, employment contract, international treaty and documents relating to professional qualification, university degree and of a regulated profession in the context of intra-company transfer);

       Reduced time of decision-making on application for temporary residence (up to 30 days).

Permanent residence

       The possibility of permanent residence for five years because of expressed interest of the Slovak Republic;

       A document showing interest of the Slovak Republic issued by the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency SARIO, which is authorized for that purpose by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic;

       Reduced time of decision-making on application for a permanent residence permit (up to 30 days).

List of significant investors: click on the link "HERE".

Holders of a certificate on significant foreign investment have the possibility to arrange a specific deadline for submission of a residence permit application in order to make the process more efficient (via the form) at the extended workplace established by the Directorate of Border and Foreign  Police in Bratislava, at Regrútska 4, Bratislava, 1st floor.


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