National visa - reservation

During the transitional period (until the start of submitting applications via the electronic service) the visa applicant has to make a reservation at the Foreign Police Department, by sending a report to the relevant workplace according to the list of workplaces listed below.

Reservation procedure:
• The applicant chooses one of the workplaces according to the territorial scope in which he / she is located and clicks Send message.
After clicking on the link, fill in the required information, namely:
◦ provide your e-mail address and
◦ state in the text of the report:
■ in accordance with which government regulation you apply for visas
■ the number of persons for whom a visa is requested
■ contact details

You will receive a confirmation of the sending of the message in the e-mail box.

Subsequently, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a specified date of the visit to the Foreign Police Department.

Pay attention!!! The visa applicant will be processed only if he / she has a specified date for a visit to the Foreign Police Department.

Visa applications will be processed at the Foreign Police Departments on every Tuesday and Thursday.