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Regarding the Resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic no. 807/2020 and the restriction of freedom of movement and residence and the ban on going out from 31 December to 10 January 2021, the workplaces at all Foreign Police Units will not handle any clients. Clients who have made their reservations at mentioned date range for concrete time, they have to re-book again via electronic reservation system for the next available date.

We are sorry for this situation, it was necessary to take this measure, because the police officers working at Foreign Police Units will perform the tasks of the Police Force related to resolving the pandemic situation of COVID-19 in the Slovak Republic.

We recommend to monitor the press news of Presidium of the Police Force, because the workplaces at Foreign Police Units may be closed for another week due to the negative development of the pandemic situation. About this we will inform the public in appropriate time. 


With effect from 05.10.2020, in connection with the Resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic no. 587/2020, only those persons who have an online reservation via the electronic service will be handled at the workplaces of the Foreign Police Departments. Requests of Persons without online reservation will be processed only in justified cases (special consideration, humanitarian reason) with the consent of the relevant director of the Border and Foreign Police Directorate.



Scope of activity Directorate of BBFP - district region


Headquarters - BBFP*



Bratislava, Trnava, Nitra*



Banská Bystrica, Žilina*



Prešov, Košice



*Available 7:30-15:30


Bureau of Border and Foreign Police of the Presidium of the Police Force actively cooperates with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which provides free consulting and services for foreigners. For more information directly see these pages:

Free consulting and services for foreigners

The IOM Migration Information Centre (MIC) provides free legal and social counselling, job counselling to third-country nationals including job-search assistance, retraining and education in the Slovak language and it supports the community life of foreigners living in Slovakia.
More information:

Free counseling and services for foreingers

Check if you need a visa to enter the Slovak Republic.

The web application Visa Check will help you to find out if you need a visa to enter the Slovak Republic and what type of residence permit you need to study, work or conduct business in Slovakia.

 Make sure you need a vis to the Slovak republic

Free help to foreigners upon return to their country of origin.

The program of assisted voluntary return helps in return and reintegration of foreigners who do not have a residence permit in the Slovak Republic who wish to return to their country of origin. For more information on the program go directly to the page IOM International Organization for Migration.

Assisted voluntary returns


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